Modelling armour in Ukraine crisis

Maybe time to revise the expression ‘high as kite’ …

He looks like a man serving in an area where I don’t have to be right now. In my view, trying to make him “famous” over a family photo ain’t a worthy effort.

possible the item in the pic you posted?

or you could use this maybe?

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The pictured rocket pods are UB-16-57KV ones

I’m not sure they’re available in 1/35th scale…


Not strictly armour but maybe it fits in with some of the other non-armour posts:
Fire extinguisher shells repurposed as grenades …


I dread to think what the fragmentation from that will be like. To me it’s more likely to be large scything pieces :astonished:

It looks as a mean to give anti personell capabilities to what is basically an anti tank weapon.

They say that the container is filled to 50% with shrapnel/splinters and the rest is explosives …

Ah death confetti, you could pack a lot into that.


Earlier, @Frenchy posted a pic of troops putting up some netting on their position to combat kamikaze drones. Here is a pic of a Russian ‘Lancet’ kamikaze drone that was snagged in one of these covers.

Try Scale 3D for 1/35…

I’ve also posted the very same picture as yours last week, along with this one :wink:



Ah sorry mate, must have missed it :+1:!

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The deal with Saudi Arabia is that these guys quickly abandon their vehicles after being swamped, plus they throw their tanks alone, with no infantry support.

You could have the most advanced tank in the world and throw it into the fray without supporting infantry to protect it against light infantry with ATGMs, you will lose those tanks easily.

I did read somewhere some time ago that the crews were not even Saudis but mostly pakistani. No wonder that they will run at the slightest danger. Why dying for another country…

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Yeah; the Saudis don’t do any of the heavy ground fighting in Yemen. And I can bet you that they get only piecemeal training on the equipment. I’ve seen so many instances of “Saudi” forces in Yemen just running away, leaving behind caches of western weapons all over the place.


Abrams has composite armour in the turret, right? Do we know if these export Abrams retained their sensitive composite armour? I could see them having the turret faces cut open so the classified stuff could be replaced with more conventional steel before being delivered…

Export version of the Abrams have different armor packages than what is on American versions.

M1A2S (Saudi Package): Saudi Arabian variant upgrade of the M1A2 based on M1A2 SEP, with some features, such as depleted uranium armor, believed to be missing and replaced by special armor. (442 M1A2s upgraded to M1A2S).

As for the specifics on what entails the “composite armor” on American Abrams tanks, is still highly classified, but it’s a combination of hardened steel, boron carbide ceramic, depleted uranium meshing and other components. The composite armor was developed in Great Britain back in the 60s and wasn’t used in actual armor until the 1970s with the development of the FV4211 variant of the Chieftain tank.