Modelling fails, lost in translation

no words necessary…

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I suggest we launch the ‘Love the smell of burning butt sperm in the morning’ campaign. With the title out of the way, we just need to design an appropriate campaign ribbon now.


Slpain this to me Lucy. ???

I hit the link and all i get is another tiny copy of the graphic.

Is this beast, fish or fowl butt we are burning?
Where does the “sperm” enter into all this?

In other words; WTF
The contest runs from 2022-06-11 to 2022-10-01

Google translate from Chinese provides a slightly different translation
from 火烧屁股取精团重磅杯虎年主题赛
to English: “Burning Ass Extraction Group Heavy Cup Year of the Tiger Theme Competition”
I suppose that the original Chinese could have intended to say something like
'Hot out of the breech/mold competition"

Sponsor: Burning Butt and Essence Group Co-organizer: Blockbuster Models

The organizer gets translated to: “Wechat group of burning ass and sperm group”
which turns into: “Burning Fart Wechat Group” when translated from English to Chinese and then back again. I just LOOOOVE Google translate …
Eventually it settles down to: “Burn fart WeChat group”

The descriptive text translates like this:
"A: Registration requirements

Theme: World War II Tiger Tank (only Tiger, King Tiger, Hunting Tiger, Assault Tiger, Tiger P, Maintenance Tiger, Lynx)

Scale: unlimited

Application Deadline: From now until July 15, 2022

Work completion date: September 30, 2022

Voting time: October 1, 2022

Competition result announcement date: Before October 7, 2022

Two: Entry requirements

  1. This competition is an intra-group competition (non-open), and the competition for non-group players adopts a recommendation system. In line with the principle of friendship first and competition second, any abuse, malicious ridicule, etc. among the contestants are prohibited, and no works related to politics or violating relevant national regulations are allowed.

  2. Entries must be completed by themselves. OEM is prohibited. Once verified, they will be disqualified.

  3. A contestant can only use one piece of work to participate in the competition. Repeated entries are not allowed.

  4. All entries must use brand-new or plain group entries, and the brand is not limited. Entries that are not completed will not enter the voting session.

  5. A registration fee of 50 yuan per person will be charged for this competition, which will be used for medal production and other related expenses.

Three: Competition process

  1. Applicants need to register an account on the static model fan website ( Please report the account ID to the competition organizer in advance. Please ensure the accuracy of the information filled in to facilitate the distribution of prizes. If the loss is caused by the wrong information filled in by the participant, the participant shall be responsible for the loss.

  2. It is recommended to use a PC to register. After the participants decide to participate in the competition, please publish the registration post containing the photo of the unboxing as soon as possible (the photo must include the kit and the paper registration form: including the competition name, work name and proportion, and participant ID) Registration Form After downloading, it will be published on the front desk of the website after the approval. The follow-up process can be modified directly on the basis of the original post without opening a new post. After updating, please update the status of the work in the member center in time (open box, in production, completed) .

  3. The recommended width of the photos for the competition is 1600 pixels. You cannot use any software such as PS to beautify them, and you cannot add watermarks by yourself. Photographs must be taken clearly.

  4. Please post in strict accordance with the requirements of the above works. If there is a mistake in the format, a system message will notify the contestants. If the correction cannot be made within the specified time, the administrator will delete the entry.

  5. The entry must be updated before the end of the competition. If the update is not completed on time, it will be regarded as giving up the competition.

  6. Before the end of the competition, please publish the works participating in this competition exclusively in the competition area for static model enthusiasts, otherwise the competition will be disqualified.

Four: Competition evaluation

This competition adopts the method of mutual voting within the group. Each member of the group has 6 votes, and they vote independently according to their personal preferences. The top 6 finalists will win the prize.

Five: Prize setting

  1. According to the voting results, the top 6 contestants will receive a model modification kit provided by the blockbuster model, and will also receive a special medal for this competition.

  2. There will be a special prize for the heavyweight model, which needs to be used in the production of the model. The winner will be provided with a prize by the heavyweight model.

  3. All contestants who participated in the competition and completed their works will receive a special medal for this competition (including the top 6 contestants with votes).

  4. All prizes, medals and medals will be distributed within 15 working days after the announcement of the competition results.

Six: Description

  1. The copyright of the photos of the entries belongs to the author. The website and the co-organizers have the right to use the photos of the entries. If necessary, the author needs to provide the original pictures of the competition photos.

  2. The official group of this competition is the Wechat group of the burning ass and semen collection group.

  3. The final interpretation right of this competition belongs to Huo Huo Butt Collection. The organizer of this competition: Wechat group of burning ass and sperm group Co-organizer: website of heavy models and model lovers ("

I guess that we could turn this into a ‘Dung-Ho’ build campaign.

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Reminds me of some t-shirts worn by a couple of Japanese Exchange Students. Their use of caligraphy is all about the quality of the pictogram as an art form. Unfortunately when translating some of them into English, well you get things like this! Like many languages, the ‘letters’ may not convey the oriental idea into the mishmash we call American English. That said I still laughed until the tears flowed!

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Coffeesnot moment with that beaut… I’m still cleaning my keyboard

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Hmmmmm. Don’t know if my mind is going to successfully reset after this… funny and disturbing…
" The Sperm, the Sperm what the H is the Sperm about?"
Is this a theme from an old Anus & Andy Re run?

A white water drop or :sweat_drops:?

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Well it is Gay Pride month, so the title does sound like it is appropriate… :thinking: