Modelpalooza Orlando - This Weekend

The Modelpalooza show in Orlando is this weekend. I’ll be there with some of my newer builds. Who else is going?

It was a good show. Over 500 entries. My M2 REFORGER '85 took Bronze. I also put all my jeep models (BRC-40 through M38A1) chronologically on a base, each labeled, and called it “Evolution of the Military Jeep”. It took Silver. Got a couple new kits at a good price too. All in all a good weekend.

I was there also…Saturday morning, I did see your display of Jeeps and the M2. Some very nice models, and dioramas. I was very impressed with the MRAP I saw, that was in an “exploded” view, where you can see all the super detailing that the builder did, fantastic!
My first show was back in 2019, of course no shows last year. This year I found the sellers mainly having old kits, at least as far as armor, and it seems like they have been trying to sell them for years. There were some good deals on older Dragon kits though.
Cultman TV was there as usual with all the new Sci Fi kits.

Yup, I noticed most of the vendors had older kits as well. There were a few newer kits, but not many.

Seems like a trend. At the 2 shows locally the vendors did not seem to have much of the newer stuff. Same was true in my opinion at IPMS Nationals in Vegas this year.

Yes, some of the old kits look very nice, I am 50 and I remember a lot of them from my youth that I saw. Even the kits from the 90’s and early 2000’s, molding and assembly technology has really passed them by.
When I was there in 19, there was a vendor who had boxes of Dragon figures for 9.00 a piece, I was just getting back into the hobby, and should have cleaned up on them. I was hoping that he would be back this year, maybe he was, but not with all the Dragon figures.