Modelprofessor aka Chris Bryan

Hello all.
I finally joined a couple days ago . This place is fantastic.
I have a weakness for older kits and a love of scratch building. So yall will probably see allot of that from me.
I am also the owner of Danger Close Dioramics. We have been around for about a year now and recently transitioned from plaster to all resin for the products.
Take a look. Also more new stuff coming all the time.


Welcome Chris. Glad you’ve joined up. Your products look very nice.

Thank you.
I didnt want to post my link in the main forum pages . This seemed like a suitable place.
I am not here to advertise , but if the opportunity arises then thats a bit different.
I really am enjoying the entire forum thus far … Everyone seems really nice and helpful.

And a welcome from this side of the pond Chris. Hope to see more of your work soon :+1:

Thank you. im sure you will see more soon.