Modern stowage anyone?

Hi Gang, I wonder if anyone is interested in modern (from 1990 on) stowage and gear for US vehicles. I will collect references and forward them to several AM companies.
IMPORTANT: Don´t ask for WWII, Korea or Vietnam stuff!


I would probably be Hermann as I can see me doing more U.S kit in the future :+1: what type of bits you thinking and 3D or resin or both ?

I am interested, too.

I think I can make some suggestions to various AM resin companies.

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I think about building such loadouts.


Hey Johnnych01, if you do your next Stryker model, go for AFV Club kits. You will not regret it. :grin:

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I would definitely go for some preloaded flatracks.

flat rack


Gino, don´t you think this will be too expensive?

Depends. It took me a looonnngg time to do it like that. How valuable is your time?

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I will be interested. Btw, we need more options in 1/16. There is only a hand full of choices to use on large scale kits.

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I’d also be interested. I think there’s a market for more civilian gear carried on military vehicles, like backpacks, bungie cords, and personal weapons, in addition to more military stuff.

Personal weapons, civilian stuff? :thinking:

yes, I hate putting the same stowage from the same company on 2 models of the same vehicle in a dio.

It would be great to have some loaded pallets or crates that could be used on softening support types, MATVS, FMTV etc.

Yes please! There’s never enough modern stowage…


Which is why I generally like to do my own storage, be it boxes or tarps. You can make wooden boxes look more realistic than any injection molded or resin cast ones. Example at the bottom of this old thread:

Having said that, there are some things I just don’t have the patience for, and for bulk items, this company makes some great stuff:

I highly recommend their items - I’ve purchased several. And shipping was incredibly fast.

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I would be interested as well. Especially if it can be done in 1/35 and 1/72. Those flat bed load outs should not be that much if 3D printed or maybe someone could sell the files for the stowage and people can find places to print them out themselves.