Modern U.S. Soldier Questions on Gear and Secondary Weapons

I’ve the following questions regarding a 1/16 U.S. modern soldier I’m building for an Armorama Campaign…be it a special forces or a future soldier:

  • When does one wear the U.S. Flag emblem, and normally where…helmet or shoulder? Do any soldiers wear the red, white, and blue flag, or are all battlefield flags subdued?

  • In regards to secondary weapons such as rocket launchers, shotguns, or sniper rifles, is it best to mount these across the back waist, slung diagonally across the back, or slung vertically over the shoulder? My figure has a backpack so I’m not exactly sure how the shotgun will fit over the pack.

  • Is the ALICE buttpack still used today?

  • How much weight can a typical large fit soldier carry and fight effectively without a large backpack but a CamelBak?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t answer all your points with current firsthand knowledge, but I doubt some of the things have changed much since I retired.

1, US Flags- worn on the shoulder, not the helmet. Full color or subdued flag patches can be seen on the battlefield.

2, Wear of secondary weapons like a shotgun or rocket launchers depends upon unit SOP for carry of such. Since your figure has a pack, a common carry method is for those weapons to be slung vertically alongside, depending upon the pack type.

3, Can’t say about ALICE butt packs today, but when I retired in 07, they were still found in use.

4, mission loads depend upon the what standards a unit trains to uphold. As the saying goes, “Light Infantry, isn’t.” The current generations of body armor are heavy. Add in basic load of ammunition, extra equipment such as NODs, etc. and the weight increases quickly. But anything above the 35 to 40 lb range starts to really decrease the agility of the individual troop.

Thanks for the answers, much appreciated! :grinning: