Modern US tow cable eyes

Thanks Andreas. Here’s a better close up of the newer tow bars:

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G’day Andreas, those look great! I’m converting a 1:16 kit into a SEP v3, would you mind helping me with CADing mine up?


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Unfortunately not, because I have no personal experience in CAD.


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I phrased that poorly - if you’re able to provide some dimensions, I’ll CAD it in 1:16 scale. Or would you be prepared to sell stl files if you have them.


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Huh? You’re asking Andreas to sell STLs after you CAD the design? What? Greg, you’re saying some confusing stuff. :confused:??

It’s an either/or:
Can dimensions be provided for me to CAD myself?


Can the stls be sold to me so that i can print them for personal use?

OK, understood. However, 3 things to note:

  1. I designed the CAD after Andreas asked for it. I hold the license so Andreas’ copy is for personal use only.
  2. So the STL can be either directly purchased from me or purchased from: STL file 1/35 Heavy duty tow cable eye for M88A2 "Hercules" 🔌・3D printer design to download・Cults.
  3. As @Kenaicop pointed out, the M1A2 SEP v.3 cable end’s shape is completely different:

    M88A2’s cable eye would be inaccurate on SEP V3.
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Could the circled portion not be made from the appropriate sized hex rod and a bit of tapered sprue?

It’s not just the circled part however. The top portion looks quite different as well.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, not sure how I got all that mixed up!