Modern users of the SU-100

I seen that Yemen still uses SU-100 assault gun gun as late as 2015 any idea on paint scheam or camo or markings ?

Interesting topic!

Randon internet image of SU-100 from Yemen to prime the discussion.


Never knew there were still some still in use.
I tried years ago to do Revell’s rebox of the old Zvezda SU-100 in Syrian markings, but gave up when it came to trying to get the hideous tracks to fit.

You can do it today! The new Zvezda products are amazing! :ok_hand:


Does it come with the post war upgrades?

This is a war version, how many Dragon offers the “Arabic” version - maybe this one will be appropriate? :thinking:

Doesn’t look like it. The Yemen version has the 1960 upgrades like T55 style roadwheels, etc.

Are Yemeni vehicles Soviet or Czech made?

In the later case, the Dragon kit needs a lot of extras.

EDIT: Photo above is from Yom Kipur War and not Yemen, it was erroneously captioned at the site I got it from.

The Dragon kit offers a Soviet production vehicle with Egyptian decals. The Egyptians had Czechoslavakian production vehicles.

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I was given a Tamiya SU-85 i bought parts from dragons SU-100 on ebay i plan to do a kitbash all i need is those chinese T34 wheels that look like the wheels on a T55

That is so typically Dragon! :roll_eyes:

WWhat is soo typical of dragon?

@tanknick22 Hi Nick, I was referring to Dragon getting the finer points wrong as mentioned above.

Miniart makes a set, No37033.

The Zvezda kit of the Su-100 mentioned previously is a WW2 vehicle. It is also a good start but one has to source the wheels, tracks, front fenders, storage boxes and fuel tank supports at least.

If the Yemeni vehicles are of Czechoslovakian production one will also need the correct armored exhaust covers, front light, infantry button on the rear left of the hull and reart engine hatcch hinges.

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theres not much out there on Yemeni Armor

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I know I built thier new retooled T34-85 it was a nice kit
but now with whats going on im sure Zevzda kits will be hard to get as well as mini art and others from Ukraine and Russia

Technically, both: North Yemen inherited a handful of the 50 Soviet made examples that were purchased by the kingdom just before the civil war broke out and managed to survive the conflict, while the South received 30, post WW2 production examples from Czechslovakia.


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