Modern Vehicle reference

Ever since I started getting serious about building armor, especially modern armor from out recent conflicts. I have been gathering photos from internet, purchasing books & magazines to expand my reference library. Joining this wonderful website brought me closer to guys that either have hands on experience or someone that has pointed me in the right direction. And it lead me to individual name Robert Skipper aka 18Bravo. I purchased several of his photo references and I must say his product is the best I have seen. Now, I have plenty of good references for M-ATV, Maxxpro, Humwv/Dumwv, etc.

So, from a very happy customer I say to my follow modelers, especially those looking to build modern US vehicles, get Rob’s photographs. It will be the best investment for your library.

Thank you Rob for sharing your work and I will be back for more great shots.

Happy modeling everyone!

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is the appropriate location for my comments. I just though since I am referring to modern reference subject that it will be better serve in modern section of AFV. However, if they are not please let me know and I will remove them or Mod can remove them.


I second your recommendation; his Stryker photos are well done, really comprehensive, and cost less than a book would - plus he delivers within hours. Not even Amazon can beat that.

+1 from another satisfied customer of Rob’s. His photo features are detailed, comprehensive, complete, and delivered as downloads so there’s no messing around. At $16.00 you can’t beat the price either.

I too have had the pleasure of Robert’s tutelage and have purchased many of his photo reference libraries. I have just recently dug back into the HMMWV references and nothing can beat a close up of a hinge, a door frame or a connector of some sort. Over all action or in country photos are great for weathering and over all inspiration but almost always there is some part obscured or an entire side of the vehicle, Roberts photography and follow up conversations help sort out the details.
I highly recommend 18Bravo’s photo references, you get more than you pay for.

Count me also as a very satisfied customer of Rob’s.

Maybe a silly question , but do you have any worry of loosing the files ?

@Seanmcandrews, I know we are living in new age of modeling where most of the references or even complete books are online. However, before my computer goes kapoot I plan on printing them, with his permission of course, as I am old school and I like to keep/hold reference in hand while building. This way I won’t need to sit in front of the computer while enjoy nbuilding models. I already spend way too much time in front of the screen on phone, ipad, & desktop. Need to keep things in balance. :wink:

This is very timely information. Having lurked on the forums for several months I’ve just ordered the Hobbyboss M1070 kit and have been scouring t’interweb for reference photos.
What’s the best way to get in contact with 18Bravo, in the hope he has the M1070 in his collection?

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Hi Alan. I do indeed have a small walk around of an M1070 as seen in Iraq in 2007. It has an up armored cab and a driver’s enhanced vision device. Even though I have the kit I don’t if it has that feature or not. PM a good email address and I’ll sent it to you as a welcome to the site.

And thanks to all of you other guys for the endorsements. Every walk around I sell gets me closer to finishing the Tuskegee Airmen P-51 commemorative Chopper. Yes, the parts, which so far include main landing gear wheel, diamond tread tire, rudder pedals, and joystick (suicide shifter) are ridiculously expensive.


Originally he used to send them on a DVD’s but the latest batch came directly with an image transfer software something like Drop Box. These electronic files I backup on an external hard drive and in turn that drive is backed up as well. The files aren’t huge, they are not Tiff files but rather jpeg’s of a reasonable size 72dpi 22.22" x 16.67". It’d be nice to have them a larger files but I understand that they could then be used to print book and the like.
I am pretty sure that if you did lose the files Bob would send you new ones, he’s like that. And looking here on a DVD he sent me back in 2008 he wrote Iraqi Armour and lots of other stuff and he was right he always gives you more than you thought you’d get.
If you do have research photos on DVD you should consider importing them onto your PC and then storing at least a copy of them on an external hard drive just to be marginally safe.
Stryker45, I used to print photos out so I could hold them but as time goes by I have become accustomed to using my laptop to view the images. I can zoom in to a place I’m interested in and when I am done I don’t have a mountain of printed images that I’ll never use again, (I do keep everything, and I do have files upon file folders full of various quality photos.

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No worries whatsoever - I can go back to his emails to retrieve them or even ask for fresh ones if something happens to my PC. Rob is a great resource!

Where can you purchase/browse the references? I’m a 3D modeler working for DoD contractors and need reference on the regular.

I use this as a back up:

I used to take it on contracting trips in case anyone needed references while I was gone. Unfortunately I’ve accidentally (and successfully) carried on tactical knives and even full M-4 magazines, but this little drive always sets off the TSA people. I’ve since learned to just leave it at home.

Or…The terabyte external drives are ridiculously inexpensive these days. I think they even have 5 times that, but for my needs 1 terabyte will last quite a while. I back up everything on that and keep it in a fire proof safe.