Modern vs paper panzer

don’t know how takom chose it’s new model? the last 2 news announced are a prototype tank with 2 guns the vt 1-2 and another paper panzer vk 100.01 mammut personally I build modern and cold war armored vehicles this kind of vehicles does not interest me at all if we make a list of modern vehicles which according to which are not available at 1/35 and which deserve my attention I would have chosen many other subjects that it is 2 vehicles announced french vehicles vab, vbci, jaguar griffin caesar uk ajax ascod us version of pandur m777 k21 kf 41 lynx m113 canadian lynx lav 6 Canada etc etc


This is just a personal opinion but i think paper panzers to an extent are great kits. I agree though it has been getting out of hand with some of these vehicles only being mere ideas. I do think though that this could be model companies bringing in the gamers. Think about it, kids play world of tanks and have all these paper panzer portrayed in the game.

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I personally wonder how many gamers that play World of Tanks are ALSO model builders? Is the game super popular in China or something?


Having seen the ‘real’ thing at Koblenz in 2015, I think it’s a solid release, I’ll be getting one. Sure beats another Tiger or Panther…


Technically, if a working version was built, it is a prototype or concept vehicle, not a Paper Panzer.

The success of Amusing Hobby’s “Badger” based on the Conqueror shows Gamers build models, and Modellers build models from games… and I do build both myself. Even if a small percentage of online gamers build models, that percentage is still a viable cash filled market to tap into.

I believe there is a market for both real and ink. This one tempts me, but the Mammut? - not at all. Are there other mainstream, real vehicles I would have preferred in styrene over them both - absolutely. Australian M113AS4, Australian Sentinel (all versions), Dutch M39 Panterserwagen, Pansarbandvagn 301 and 302, etc. But my tastes are my own, and if we all liked exactly the same thing, what a boring world it would be.

Kudos for Takom venturing out and not doing another WW2 Kitty, Shermie, Pzr Quatro, Stuggie or T-34/54/55 'built on Monday, out the back in shed 9"…



Where is my A11 matilda? Seriously. They built 140 of them and they saw combat. Is there any other WW2 armour of significant numbers (say, 100 plus…) that saw combat not kitted yet?

I’d like to see a sentinel as well, but that may be even more of a dream. Yes, there are resin kits, but mainstream plastic is far more attractive.


I agree that there are way too many operational modern/cold war vehicles that need to be produced before kits of paper tanks or prototypes, my problem (particularly with prototypes) unless you wish to venture into the world of imagination you are limited in how you can finish them.

More vehicles in styrene that are in operation such as the CVR (T) family Singapore’s Bionix or South Korean K21.

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Most model companies are small concerns, with one boss and perhaps a few designers and administrative people. Takom, like most others, chooses subjects based on the whims of the boss, with a bit of “I think we could sell a kit of . . .” mixed in.

That’s really the long and the short of it. Subjects that “have been ignored to date”, “played an important part in the development of AFVs”, “were used by over 30 countries”, “would fill an important gap”, or, least importantly of all, “would interest me” have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with it.

My suggestion, if you want to see the subjects you mentioned, is to gather the money necessary to either start your own model company or gather up the money to pay a company to make the kit you want.



Did you see that they just released an M4A3(76) HVSS Sherman in 1/16?

Apropos to my post above, it was born as a result of AHH paying or backing Takom to make the kit. That’s really the way to go if you want to get a kit of your favorite, as yet unreleased, subject.

An important rule of the world is that if you have enough time and money you can get pretty much anything you want. If not, you will have to wait for those with the money to agree with you.



Or you can scratch build or convert another related subject into the kit you want. Then as soon as you’re finished with your project, you’re guaranteed for some model company to announce one in injection molded plastic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:That’s always been my luck on such projects.


Post hoc ergo propter hoc thinking won’t get you what you want. Spending money will.


I am sure I am not the only one that has bought a kit based on the tanks I have in World of Tanks or Armored Warfare

Knowing roughly the cost of making the tooling for something like that, I would guess that it is just backing the project enough to put his name on the cover of the box.

If a car kit costs around $300000 from start to running plastic in the molds, I can just imagine how much the tooling for a 1/16 Sherman would cost, even without an interior.

I have no doubt that it won’t be the only Sherman from that tooling to get produced.

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Could someone please provide the name of this vehicle so I can look it up? Thanks.

It´s called the Versuchsträger 1-2

> Blockquote


This was not a case of AHH buying everything involved and keeping the rights to it such that they could take the physical and intellectual property anywhere they wanted. That’s the big numbers you mention. This was effectively AHH backstopping or indemnifying Takom to make a kit. That is, more than just covering the marginal production cost to produce a run of kits under the AHH label, but putting up enough money such that Takom could start or continue a back burner project with minimal financial risk to Takom.

Money. It’s always about the money.


Has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the cost of the work involved in designing and cutting a mold.

Revell is on record saying that it costs on average $300k to do an average car kit. This does not include licensing, marketing, shipping, etc, etc, just the research, CAD design, and actual cutting of the tooling. I think you can agree, that a 1/16 Sherman would be more to it than an average car kit, thus would be more expensive to produce.

As such, did he put a chunk of money into it? Absolutely, and I am not taking anything away from that, pretty freaking cool to have a kit with your name on it, wish I had the cash flow to be able to do that myself, for my shop. But there are a few out there that think that this is “his” kit, and his alone because he put the money into it.

It may have helped move along a project that Takom was thinking of doing, but it is not like he owns the molds. However at the same time allows Takom to do other versions. Because lets be honest, why put that much money into a tooling, and only get one version out of it?

I believe I said . . . no, I just checked, it IS, exactly what I said:
“This was not a case of AHH buying everything involved and keeping the rights to it such that they could take the physical and intellectual property anywhere they wanted.”

“[This is a case of AHH] putting up enough money such that Takom could start or continue a back burner project with minimal financial risk to Takom.”



And is what I said initially.

Thanks! I wonder if someone behind that vehicle was really into Space Battleship Yamato.

Anyway, with regard to conjectural/experimental versus fielded/modern, both kinds of model sit in my closet without complaining so I guess they get along.

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