Monogram 1987 Buick Grand National

I started this kit back on August 16th,

and I have made little progress. Life and all, you know how it is. Anyway, I saw Chris’ (hpiguy) review of this kit, and for some reason I had to have it. The only reason why I have any affinity for the Grand National is that while I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY, in 1991, one of the guys in my unit wouldn’t stop talking about his Grand National. He loved that car, and it really is a cool car.

Here is where I am so far. I have completed the Buick turbocharged V6.



Great to see you got on board here Jim. Looking forward to more progress.

Cheers, D

Been working on the suspension & undercarriage stuff today. Hopefully will have some pics tomorrow.


Glad that you cross posted your Buick Grand National build to the new site as well. Looking forward to your next update.


Well, the next update has arrived, and we have a rolling chassis. Ok, not really, I usually glue the wheels solid so my models don’t roll. The engine, wheels, & chassis are complete, and if it ever stops raining I’ll be able to work on the interior & body. Ah, Autumn in Central New York! At least it isn’t snowing yet.


Rolling chassis with 4-wheel park brakes!

Looking good Jim, nice metallics and neat detailing.

Cheers, D