Monogram 1987 Buick Grand National

Actually, I never asked them. A modeler on another forum came through with a replacement windshield & side marker light. Who has that stuff lying around?


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A lot of guys buy kits to use the chassis, engines, wheels for donors for resin bodies and have the rest of the kit just sitting in limbo.

Great to see this one nearing completion Jim, very nice work.

Cheers, D

Wow!! Boy do I feel your pain and frustration. Been there, done all of that and more. The important thing is that you found a way to fix, replace, and move on to the final stages of the build.

The engine compartment does look the part, and as for being way to tight of a fit in real life, it just seems to get worse every year. At this point I don’t even know what half of the stuff is that’s crammed into the engine compartment of my Sports Coupe. Even changing the oil, filter, and spark plugs is a nightmare job compared to the good old days, which is why I just take it in for service these days.

Looking forward to seeing the GN Buick finished in all its glory.


Thanks, Joel. Only thing I have to do is repaint the hood as there are some pretty bad drips on it. Once I do that, I can button this thing up & get it in the display case. I just hope the brake master cylinder fits under the hood!


Apparently, that guy did :sweat_smile:

Good luck on the repaint. I’m confident that it will go as planned.

As for the master brake cylinder, trim and lower a tad as needed, if it is indeed needed.


Definitely brings happy memories of the late 80’s and 90’s to mind.

Look forward to additional updates.

Thanks, Wade.

Well, it’s finally done! After all the trials & tribulations, I am pleased with the results.

1987 Florida license plate from The Plate Shack

I think there are more decals under the hood than on the body!



I worked in the factory where the GN’s were built. They were monsters to build. Buick Factory 40 1981 to 1985. The plant is long gone

Jim that looks so good I think my insurance rates just went up!

Very nice build James.

Thanks for the positive comments, guys.

Wade, I think you’re right! :laughing:

Vader Approves

The 1987 BGN really looks the part. Outstanding build for sure.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate the positive comments, and I’m glad Vader approves. :laughing: