More track issues

Im building the panzerwerfer 42 , old Italeri kit with the rubberband tracks, 1st attempt with mr surfacer 1500 black thinned with aprox 50% mr suefacer 250 thinner just flaked right off , tried cleaning them with lacquer thinner and they just broke a part and were destroyed , ordered the exactt same tracks from ebay, prepped them with a detergent wash and rinse , dried overnight, sprayed this time with Tamiya LP flat black thinned with about 50% MCLT, same problem , you just touch it and it flakes off.

Any suggestions?

Iā€™d toss in the garbage the Italeri kit tracks and replace with a suitable aftermarket track.

Paint will adhere much better to 3D printed resin or white metal than Italeri vinyl garbage.

When using crappy worthless Italeri tracks, I used to mix a very hot :fire: concoction of enamel Floquil Dio-Sol and Floquil Railroad Road Antique Bronze and airbrush accordingly, it would BITE pretty hard for the most part. Only mild touch up of track around sprocket usually required etc.

Dirty bomb :bomb: nuclear power Lacquer Thinner also worked OK as long as it was the nasty toluene xylol powered stuff, none of that nice Lacquer Thinner like Mr Color.