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New Saigon motorbike and bicycle mini-cabs from B&L Models.

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Looks nice but I don’t know about the 54 USD price tag…

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The kit includes 3 figures. 3D printed figures are currently anywhere from $10-20 each, so the figures alone are more then half the cost. I don’t think $54 is unreasonable.

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I agree, but I would like to see some pics of the figures.

Ok… As soon as I said that I thought, Check their website. They have a Face Book page and you can find them there. A little soft, but all together, not bad for the price for those doing Vietnam area dioramas.

I think the majority of 3D printed figures are soft, at least those that I have seen. It’s hard to “sculpt” digitally with CAD software, and those that can do printed mechanical parts do not necessarily make good sculptors, no different then those that do resin figures versus kits. I think many of the latest plastic figures from Tamiya, Gecko, etc. are just as good as most 3D figures. About the only 3D figures that look as good as resin that I can think of are those from Live Resin, but I’ve only seen them in pictures.

I think that sculpting a master in the traditional way is still the best for figures, and then resin casting it or using a scanner to digitize it for printing.

Certainly! It’s fascinating how 3D printing technology has evolved. Nowadays, software like Zbrush is indeed the go-to choice for detailed figure designs. With 3D printers reaching resolutions as high as 12k, the level of detail achievable is astonishing.

By the way, have you heard about the “3D Micro Plus Advantage” machine? It’s primarily used for jewelry mold making and offers precision that’s on another level.

You’re absolutely right about traditional sculpting being a fantastic foundation for figure creation. There’s an artistry to it that’s hard to replicate digitally. It’s wonderful to see a blend of traditional and digital craftsmanship in the world of figure modeling. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :smile:

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