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I posted another BLOG of photos and descriptions of yet another one of my Dioramas to the Armorama site. And when I revisited the site, later, I couldn’t find my post!

I’ve posted many articles to Armorama over the years, and received many ‘awards’ and much feedback from my fellow military modelers, so I was surprised when I finally found that my ‘ ‘What the hell is that?’ diorama had been moved, to the SciFi site. (Without any communication.)

I do not consider this work to be Science Fiction. Although the subject may be considered ‘historical fiction’. Actually, it is barely fiction at all. It is based on historical intent, if not fact…

Note that the soldiers in this scene are all American Infantrymen from the ‘40s. The scene is clearly set in that time period and the description bears that out.

I post to Armorama because that’s my interest, and the other members of that site are my target audience, and those who will understand and appreciate my work the most.

In addition, inside my post I ask a question regarding Hornet Heads. The folks interested in SciFi modeling will not be able to answer, only the Armorama followers might have theh knowledge and experience.

By moving my post, you have subverted my intent, and deprived me of the feedback I was looking for.

PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE Armorama BLOG SITE, where it was originally posted.




@ Bravo36 (Ralph).
I noticed that. I’ve had two similar incidents. As with you, most recently, my post was moved to ‘AreoScale,’ although justified due to my incorrect forum selection… I guess. In another incident, I deliberately spelled the word “Viola!” as butchered French to give the word some US GI character. Without warning, a moderator edited my style. I caught it and edited it back to my original (watch for the side-by-side edit panes). But as you said, there was no communication, just someone typing away in my post.

In both cases, communication through a simple PM would have been most appreciated. :email:



I moved it since it is not Armor/AFV. If you really want it moved back, fine. It still doesn’t fit in the category. It is more SCI/FI. Just because it has some figures that are supposed to be US Soldiers in an alternate WWII universe, doesn’t make it Armor/AFV.

I win another bet with myself!

and what was the Grand Prize?