Msta-s 1/72

I’d statred new model by Zvezda. Will post from to time progress on model.


Just finished running gear and upper hull. Start the turret

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Comparing with t-90. I think that i can do all of grabnadels on turret and start priming model.

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This model is really interesting and I want to give it a good Colormarking. Maybe it will one of msta with letter “z” on board but I didn’t sure about it. A vehicle in(on) Ukraine have lot of damage like fenders or some other part.

I’ve done basic painting and highliting(maybe I’ll add one more layer with dry brushing technique) next step will be varnishing and after it I will apply decals.


Looks good. I’d forgotten it was 1/72 until I scrolled up.

Nice model! Excellent detailing for 1/72. Great finish.

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Some decals are on the model and “z” by brush painting. After it some wash was applied and detail painting.

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