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I posted this in the thread about the new forums, but maybe I should put it in the MSW section too. Sorry about the double post if that’s inappropriate…

Tim asked me to repost these suggestions for a campaigns section over here, so here goes:

Is it possible that there would be a separate campaigns section and it’s just not designed, or having such is not possible?

I think it would be great if there were a campaigns section that listed campaigns much like what we have now. It would be great if for each campaign you could have a page with a list of rules, list of participants, picture of the ribbon, a link to the official thread, and a link to the campaign gallery. I guess that is much like what we have now.

Being fairly new here, with a transition, would it be possible to have slightly larger ribbons? I’m fine with what is there now, but we seem to occasionally get good ideas that don’t really scale down to something that small.

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Thanks Phil!

Tin Can Sailors Campaign

Burnin’ Coal Campaign

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There is a similar discussion going on at Armorama:

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