Multi Tasking!

Hi Guys

I’m at a crossroads in The Hobby. Gino has kindly swapped me some tracks, so I can finish the AAV-R eventually. Alex at Shapeways is designing wheel hubs so I can finish my M813 (and some other R M resin too). Unable to move on these, Ive started Trumpies M915 and trailer. Lovely kit with the Voyager p e set.

Never been in this multi-project thing with the hobby, but oh well, onwards and upwards!


Just make sure you put everything back in the right boxes. I went to restart something a while ago and couldn’t find a whole bunch of PE that I knew I had.

I assumed it accidentally got tossed in one of my rare bench cleans, made a new part from scratch… and then found them in a drawer in my spares organizer with a bunch of other bits for the same kit :man_facepalming:

Good advice. I’ve got the M 813 on a shelf, its DEF wheels all ready to go and Mission Model Fades 1-3 are on order for the canvas tarp/tilt and cab roof. The Amtrac is back in its box, now with Gino’s tracks. The M915 sprues are all labeled up and I’ve got the basic tractor frame built. These Voyager pe kits are quite involved!

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Oh the madness…plastic, resin and PE everywhere!!!

This is why I focus on only one build at a time. I won’t start another until the one on the bench is done.

The M915 is a really nice kit and goes together well. You could always convert it into an M915A3, that is what I have planned for mine.

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I always have several builds on the go. SWMBO suffers chronic migraines, so I can only paint outside on weekends and when she is not around (Acrylic or lacquer). I cannot use solvents unless I’m in a different room. Trouble is, she is one of those “come and sit with me” types that watches dreadful TV shows… so parts clean up is my usual go to then - organisation of removed parts then becomes a big priority.

I am now working from home a few days a week, so lunch break becomes model painting break…

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One at a time was my thing too Gino. But when I suddenly couldn’t hobby for a couple of weeks, I just buckled and started another one.

I’m way too ADHD - I start nearly ALL my models, hit a spot in the build (usually painting or after I’ve made a mistake) and box’em back up and shelve them. Then I’ll get a wild hair a few years later, pull it down and do some more steps. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum. Very few of mine ever get done.

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I have gotten only slightly better and not started as many….maybe.

I feel your pain… closet and bookcase is packed with 70%-95% completed kits. Seems when I get close to 100%, that “brand-new, gotta have it” kit pops up either at the lhs or regular on-line source.

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Glad to see I am not alone in that regard! Once in a while I even finish something!

I build in multiple locations too!!

Checks the box for “spending time with the wife” when she’s watching “Keeping up with the Dumbasshians”

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Not a problem here. Ive been building up my ODS and an OIF Collection. Probably covered 80% of both in my stash but my situation is as above, these are the first three to back up.