My 2021 Modeling in Review

Blame this thread on @Stikpusher Carlos :grinning:. He inspired a brief reflection aka My 2021 Modeling in Review.

First half of 2021 was my most productive model time since 1995 with two reworks done and seven new projects completed. The second half model building took a back seat to life again. Hopefully, 2022 will be a good year with much building.

  1. M1A1 - Tamiya, Reworked from a damaged 2000 build, repaired disintegrated suspension and new tracks.

  2. Cromwell, Tamiya - rework from 2009, suspension and tracks fell apart. Superglue to the rescue. Model had also gotten wet and moisture damaged flat coat by causing it to gloss. Fixed flat coat

  3. Pz II new Tamiya, started in 2019 finished 2021

  4. Dragon Pz IV F - started in 2013 completed 2021

  5. KV-1 early 1941, New Tamiya- started and completed in 2021, outstanding kit.

  6. Italeri Pz IV G started 2020 completed 2021. My pet favorite, had wanted to do project since getting kit in 1988 :slight_smile:

  1. T-34-85 by RFM, started in 2021 and completed.

  2. Dragon T-34-85 started 1997, melted lower hull in 2012 painting, new lower hull 2019, finished 2021

  3. Tamiya King Tiger - started 2004, project sidelined due to 2005 separation & divorce. Completed 2021

Built in 2021 waiting on return to the bench for paint. Takom Pz III N & Tamiya Pz III N

On the bench now: Dumb & Dumber
A) Tamiya new Pz IV H, started 2019 (dumb) should finished J first.
B) Tamiya Pz IV J - started 1994 (dumber) 28 years and counting…lol


Glad to see you back Wade and looking forward to a recap on your other builds :+1:

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Hey Wade! Welcome back! Great to see you back at the bench and on Armorama. We missed you. Happy New Year.


That is one outstanding year of some very fine work, both in completions, and starts/continuations. I’m with you on being a sucker for those old Italeri Panzer IV kits. A nice kit as is, and a great canvas to try some upgrade techniques upon.

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Excellent work. You had a great year.

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Thank you for the kind words, @Johnnych01 John, @SSGToms Matt, @Stikpusher Carlos & @taylorrl Rick. This forum with its outstanding members is always a major help.

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Really great batch of builds you’ve done the past year. I very much like the way you base them with some flag pins and other insignia that are relevant to the subject- something I try and do myself when I can. I have to say my fav is the Cromwell which has such a fantastic shade of green and awesome finish on it.

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Wade, did you leave this beauty bare ? it looks to good like this for it to be hidden …

and dumber and dumb … you have to get them finished mate … you are so close to getting them done … :+1: :+1:

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It looks like someone had a productive 2021…Excellent work all around Wade!!


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John, yes the Italeri Pz IV G stayed unpainted. I like the menagerie of random colors too.

You’re right, Dumb (H) & Dumber (J), are indeed close and hopefully get wrapped this month.

Dumb (H) is very close. It has one track completed, needs two links removed from other track, mounted on base & final pastels.

Dumber (J) needs a bit more work. Drybrushing, markings & flat coat etc.

Dumbest (Gunzy Pz IV F2) from 2012-2013 may have to get some bench time too this year :slight_smile:

@ArmoredSprue Eric, thank you! Had fun with the mix of various builds.

@Karl187 Karl, thank you! I appreciate that very much as the model had gotten into pretty sad condition.

BTW - The Cromwell is a pretty cool and underated tank. Fastest advance in armor history ~380 miles 4 days or something along those lines. Reliability and fuel economy allowed Cromwell to make a fast advance neither the T-34, Sherman or Pz IV were able to match for various reasons.