My first contribution

Hallo modellers.

I started a YT channel in the beggining of this year.

I want to share this video tutorial with you.
LINK: How to make a REAL COBBLESTONE STREET DIORAMA (1/35, Schratcbuild) - YouTube

If you like it subscribe to the channel…


Nice street, nice video and a nice scene!

Welcome aboard the forum. I like what you have done with the plaster. Much better then my stone sidewalk. What are you going to use for the filler in the joints? I am at that stage now.

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Verry fine sand, and you shuld do it after painting. Look the video about painting the cobblestone diorama on my channel… The link is in the first post.

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Looks great (and I like your choice of background music)! How hard is it to cut the plaster without it breaking?

I think that in conjunction with some of NightShift’s techniques for filing between the stones and small details, it would look great.

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I must admit, I am now curious what a fake cobblestone street diorama looks like.

Also, that looks very nice. :slight_smile: Someday soonish, I intend to make something very similar with Milliput. I will save one of your photos in the diorama folder for future reference.

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Glad that people like psytrance… :grin:

If you see the video, i cut tne plaster with a scalpel, a saw or pliers…

We will see how it goes…

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Fake in a way that is made with carving styrofoam or with a rolling piece. I call this real, because is made piece by piece like a real one… :grin:

I am honored, that you take my fotos for reference…

Ah. I have great respect for miniatures built in that fashion. It takes much more time but also produces more realistic results. As technology progresses, perhaps some future models will build up exactly like the original in the same piece by piece manner. Some current models come close, but I am not aware of any mass produced kits that take such an approach to its ultimate conclusion.

Your construction has nice composition. If I had the sewer grate and manhole cover, I could make a negative master and then stamp those patterns into Milliput at will. Your base would make a nice, clean base for many models since it has lots of visual interest but does not jump out at the viewer so aggressively that it would detract from a vehicle parked in the space


Welcome & bravo Bostjan, excellent tutorial and results! Your mosaic/tessellated method is definitely the best and most realistic way of making cobbles, for the obvious reason it replicates reality. However there comes a point for larger areas where the time/labour involved becomes prohibitive – scribing is an alternative but almost equally time-consuming, or as you probably know there are rollers available which imprint uniform cobble patterns into wet plaster. I’ve never tried them so I’m not sure how easy they are to use – my instinct is they’re impractical for going round curves.

For my own mad 1:35 scale project (see Dioramas forum/”Operation Anthropoid” - 1.4 metres square, with more than one cobble pattern) rollers were impractical too, so I made my own stamps to imprint wet-plaster sections, one from the edges of photo-etch frets and another from white Evergreen strips. It only took me an estimated total of 60 hours (!) to finish stamping but it was hugely complicated by the tram lines…



Dioramadebris have moulds for the sewer gate and manhole cover… :ok_hand:


I know your project, and I am wondering in what stage it is now. Respect for that… But i love small scenes (microscopic in confront with yours) because I can put more details in it. I also quickly get bored with a project, and I like to finish theme… :grin::ok_hand:

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Does Siorama Debris just make molds or does it offer other products?

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Yes your method’s by far the best for all sensible-sized work, and I’m sure the most enjoyable process too - the only enjoyable part of my cobbles was finishing the final section. My project sleeps while the search continues for the energy needed to finish the figures, but I will complete it soon :crossed_fingers:


I think just the moulds…

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A very nice dio. Well exectuted.

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You could also try tile grout. Very fine granules.


A long way to a diorama… Its just the begining… Tnx, my mate… :ok_hand::grin:

Mybe I will give it a try…