My new avatar and shameless self promotion

The photo of my new avatar was taken 5-6 years ago by Fine Scale Modeler at AMPS Nationals. It a picture of the Tamiya Tiran 5. I filled the grooves on the wheels with stretched sprue to make raised ribs. I replaced the kit barrel and tracks with AM items, added the engine deck screens, and plumbed the fuel tanks. Anyway it’s now being used as a pop up on the FSM site to promote some of their products. Sadly I get no residuals.

I gifted this model to a friend who greatly admired it so I can’t post any photos of the actual build.


Good for you ! No shame in being proud of your accomplishments.

Well deserved recognition :+1:

If you still have the photos you can.

Sadly it was before I had my friend taking photos.

Very sweet avatar!
Plus a cool story :sunglasses:

Thanks all. I was pretty surprised when I saw it.

Managed to find a photo on the AMPS site from the 2017 convention.


I can see why they picked it :+1: