My next figure

This looks like it is going to be fun to paint…or not!

We’ll see what happens.


I’d definitely be inclined to think it will be fun, I’d have loved it, before my hands got the shakes…
Any chance of a bit more info? Scale, manufacturer, and a back view of the lady as a stand-alone figure?



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holy cow what is that, is it a comic book thing?

You will get lots of practice in one project that is for certain. Will be interesting to see what you do with it.

I just pick this up today after a month of waiting.
Star Wars is oddly popular here, and I unconsciously get assimilated.



WoW…great sculpture and lots and lots of details,also looks so smooth,casted or Printed?

Nice piece,definitely 3D printed or at least the base , what scale is it?..54mm?

It is 75mm scale. I actually asked and paid for the 54mm though.

Both the base and the fig are 3d printed, but the base is in lower quality to make up for the lower price I paid.


That is one awesome looking figure @Biggles50 - looking forward to seeing some paint on it!

I would love to do one like that!!
Her in dark purples and blacks with pale skin and the demons in firy red, oranges and the occasional putrid green.

It’ll certainly keep you off the streets for a while. Seriously, looks like an interesting and challenging project. 3D print?

I really don’t think it is 3D printed as all the pieces have pouring plugs - and there were several parts - around 15, or 16 as I remember. It is 75 mm (and it wasn’t offered as 54 mm). Indeed, the sorceress figure is flawless without any sign of moulding seams, or printing strata. There were slight joint gaps between the numerous demons’ heads and arms and the cloud/smoke background, but Zap-a-Gap CA completely filled them and made them disappear! I got mine from Ali Express. There’s no name, but I believe it’s from bboy, or Yufan (possibly the same company) as it looks like their style. Pretty sure it’s not a knock-off as I haven’t seen it anywhere else. This company(ies) have many original fantasy/sci-fi figures in seemingly high quality.

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I was talking about my figure. Even then, many things are do with printer today with amazing quality, even if they are in multiple pieces that need assembling.

I’m on several discord/forums in those subject, they are the new generation of miniature maker.

Here is a 54mm I bought along with the starwars. It is originally a 185mm (1/10), in multiple pieces, but the printer scaled it down to 1 piece 54mm scale for me.
Compare to mine 1st figure, which is molded plastic.

Also, about the source of these 3d files, there are artists specialized in sculpting these digitally, they make the CAD files. They then sell “right to print” them or giving them through subscription form. Then, the printers buy these right or subscribe to print these and resell. You will see them credit the original artist. Hence there are so many people selling the same figure.

The one in my pic is also sell by “Valkyrie Hobby”, featured on this section once. You will notice the artist name in their credit. However, I didn’t buy from them, I bought from another artist’s subscriber through Etsy.

If you notice, there are people selling these files on Etsy or AliExpress at 5$ or lower. Basically these people took the files from the artists and re-sell at lower price. Then the printers used these resell will use a generic name with no credit to the original artists. BBoy and Yufan are the few of those - not recast, but rather “stolen”.

I don’t want to be rude… Kitmaker is made of more older people, so not many aware of current market in the digital world. I hope more people understand it before buying anything.

Edit: Adding example
1/24 Deamon Queen Resin model kits ZBBOY TD-2396 – Yufan Models Store “Stolen”
Redirecting... Original Artists, you will see the name on more legit printers.
3D Printable Demon Hunter - World of Warcraft (Fan art) by White Werewolf Tavern Artist store page to that figure. You can check the result from other people in the comment section.

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75mm … a nice big piece, especially with all those demons

unfortunately, we are moving from recasters to digital thieves, the market is moving more and more towards digital, in historical modeling still little but in fantasy less and less physical miniatures are sold and more and more files that you then print yourself and consequently the “smart” ones go in that direction and print without the consent, plus it’s easier to print than recast.

In most cases the file you buy is for private use, but just ask permission, it happened to me for a commission for a local roleplaying club of D&D and stuff like that, I simply asked , I earned something and them too, all happy, I could have cheated but it didn’t seem right to steal like this in other people’s work…

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So they (Yufan/whoever) buys the file, prints out one, then uses it as the master for casting? I can tell my copy is cast and not printed. And the casting is perfect - I have to commend them for that!

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Possible,many company legally or not they print or have the master printed in 3D and then do the production with the traditional method,a monochromatic resin printer is like my it’s “fast” for the standard but in any case a 75mm piece takes easy 6-7 hours, a tall one like your i guess 12 or more, and they have limited print bed, in my printer I could probably fit 2 at a time if i am lucky, or you have many printers or you’d better cast

They might not buy, but steal the file or getting them without consent. I once thought they bought the files legit, but people explained it for me and they seem to very dislike Yufan and other thieves.
You aren’t sure from who you buy from, and I have can’t see and touch it directly, so I have no comment. It is certainly a good figure judging by the smoothness of it.
Side note, the figures are printed at 25 to 10 microns, are insanely detailed with minimal pin marks. And 5 microns or lower, they might as well be considered casted pieces, you would see such high end tech in medical and engineering industries. They evidently need more time to print and are too expensive for our hobby.

@Vicious Yes, but there are people like me, whom don’t plan to buy a 3d printer anytime soon. Therefore, I rely on those with printers to make it for me. It also saves the trouble shooting with these machines that could happen every now and then. Just like how photocopy stores still exist even though home paper printer are common.

I started to add paint:

And her book of mischievous spells:

Trying to decide on clothing color - dark and somber, or bright, like reds and blues, for contrast???

Comments? :smiley:


I have a lot to learn in painting.

Mine isis done since yesterday, but it is an easy one.


Did a bit more work on this one. Lots of painting and touch-up to do. The hands are just temporarily stuck on with Blu-tack:



Somebody should tell this guy that he’s not as good a painter as he thinks he is! Those close-ups are horrible! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: