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Whoa mule! Incredible model. No I have not seen that. I’d like to have four or five of those to simulate a unit train or just a hopper-heavy manifest freight. Thanks for showing that.

Concur! Happily, I still have a bunch that are still in good shape. Heck, I even snared a few old Polly S off of eekBay couple years ago that are in good shape.

I know most people think I’m a heretic for saying so, and I admit I have not tried some of the newer acrylics that have come out over the last 10 years, but I still think that Polly Scale was hands down the best acrylic paint available. Better than Tamiya, better than Muddle Messter. And I felt that way even before Testors stabbed the community in the back by buying RPM out and then killing off the brands. On the old site, I did a comparison one time spraying Tamiya, model master, and Polly Scale on a wing, clear coating half of it, letting it dry, and then putting it through masking tape and fingernails tests. Polly Scale did not even have a scratch whereas large areas of the other two came off.

I wrote several letters to testors when they started killing off the brands Polly Scale and Floquil. I recall the first time they tried the outrage from the model community was so great that they at least kept PS around for several more years. A model shop up in Indiana showed me a industry newsletter announcing that testors was going to do it again, and explain to me some of the background that he had learned from sales reps at conventions. His story is that testors reorganized and put their model paints in a different department, and they hired a couple of women who had absolutely no experience with hobby industry to oversee it. They had no idea what to do with it and because of the " ain’t developed here ‘’ mentality, killed off the good stuff in favor of Model Master. Model Master started a decline after that. I was also told by a couple of people that part of the problem that did kill off Polly Scale and Floquil and Model Master, aside from EPA regulations, was lack of marketing in Europe. One of our European staff told me many years ago that he was never able to get Polly Scale in Britain.

For what it’s worth, there’s a railroad model store in Knoxville that still has a large inventory of Floquil. Most of the choice colors are gone but I ended up buying probably over a dozen paints. If you walk into the store and he’s not too busy, you can talk him into taking you into his secret undisclosed off the grid nuclear weapon hardened secret underground location where he stores the paint :art: , but even though he said he will mail order, there’s at least one site member here who tried to and never could get the order complete. I think the poor guy is just too busy running the shop with the customers that are constantly walking in but maybe just doesn’t want to mess with mail order?


You are absolutely correct with this statement.- Thanks for reminding me.


That covered hopper ad inspired me to upload these photos I took the other day. One thing I’ve noticed about covered hoppers I think are so interesting in terms of weathering, is that you can see often where and how they were painted, and see where paint was overlapped and where it was a thinner layer. Also noticed something on the open top popper, how the rust was collecting mainly along the vertical ribs. I had it noticed that before that I can recall.

Isn’t it nice to have a long suffering sweet wife willing to turn around and drive you back so you can get a photo of things?


It is too bad about Floquil - I really liked using several of their colors. And, the demise of Weather-it is a real bummer. I used that as a base for any wood kit I built - that was a great product. I’ve tried making my own version and have had no luck. I’ve had to settle on using highly diluted water based India ink - which is ok, but not quite right.


Yup - big business once again showing itself as bad business…

Can’t say I’ve knowingly bought any Testors products since!

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Tim, thanks for posting this. It is one of the dioramas I actively send to others.

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Thanks Fred – hopefully you attach a “Don’t try this at home” warning, I’m still in recovery :face_with_head_bandage: :upside_down_face:

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I fully admit that I have posted these photos elsewhere as part of a New Product announcement. However I must admit to being just a bit gob-smacked that the Local Hobbyshop right here in littl’ ole Lexington, Ky has taken it upon themselves to underwrite the production of these two exclusive limited edition pieces of RJ Corman rolling stock in O Scale 3-rail as done by MTH.

Also the RJ Corman home offices are near Lexington as is their popular Dinner Train. So they have placed a sizable order for these and some other cars for them ito sell in the dinner train gift shop.

So again, I am a bit enamored that all this is going on right here in my town!


Wow, that’s as cool as Keith :+1:t3:

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RJ Corman Crane and Caboose offered exclusively by Berkshire Trains & Toys of Lexington, Kentucky

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OK, my thread. I’m opening this up to anything railroad show and tell. Rolling stock, locomotives, rail side finds, and other swag :star_struck:

My buddy took me to an On30 meet up last weekend. Great time.

Not my video but this was the event:



Ko.Sp.1, thanks for posting that video. That grapes theme stand is clever.

Fantastic layouts. Large scales and narrow gauge - I want to but have too much invested in other scales. But never say never.

That opening layout reminds me of Malcom Furlow’s “Wild West masterpiece.” Some expert modeling and certainly whimsical concepts here.

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I have some goodies from the train show.. I hope yo make time tomorrow to show them off.

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Yes, let’s see those goodies.

This is another video of the event by Dave, Thunder Mesa Studios edited to 14:42 minutes



Love these compact railroad dioramas! The creativity and storytelling are simply captivating! :star_struck::+1:

—mike :steam_locomotive:


yes they are and Easter Eggs throughout them all :egg: :mag:


That seems to be a common trait with most model railroaders. Maybe I just don’t notice them but it’s rare that I find easter eggs in military model or automotive dioramas. There are a few layouts that I have operated on and some of the names or scenes worked into them are settled but when you finally noticed them and “get it,” absolutely brilliant! Such is a theme in model railroading. A recent one I’ve operated on, top notch modeling, track work, signaling, and animatronics. Highly realistic operations. And yet, along the route, to name a couple, there is Hobbiton, a community right out of Tolkien’s Shire, and the mining town of Bedrock, with mayor B. Rubble and sheriff Flintstone. Linking the two communities is the saloon The Prancing Pony.

Model railroading is so much fun!