My second aircraft build in 35 years - KV S-199 Sakim

Hi friends,
Jumped right from the difficult Roden 111b to this modern KV Model Avia in 1/72. Nothing fancy, but I remember debating many years ago to piece one together from various available kits. Glad I waited!!! Thanks for letting me post!!! My first time at black basing and attempting a spinning prop. I added Master barrels and a PJ pilot and resin exhausts and E-Z line.
Blessings, Dave


Thats really nicely done. apart from the ‘spinning’ prop, which ruins the whole thing.

Its way too thick for a start off, it just doesn’t look right.

This effect is better achieved with something like this:

But even then, it doesn’t look right to me.

Other opinions are available.


Ditch the spinner

and you have a winner!!!


Looks nice.


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Thanks fellas, and I do honestly appreciate the candor. My last “in flight” attempt used the PropBlurs and although trendy, I wasn’t too impressed. They are opaque and although minimal, still opaque. This is my first attempt with the acrylic. The digital camera really magnified the effect, so it’s not so bad in person. But I will try something different next time! A good buddy of mine, a real award-winner, keeps prodding me kindly to stop the in-flight modeling. But, like a ship out of water, a plane on the ground is boring to me, their lines are so beautiful in-flight! So sorry kind buddy, next one will probably be modeled in-flight as well! :wink: I may continue with the acrylic disks, but may go to just one or maybe even one with cut-outs, looking like a PropBlur, but being transparent. We’ll see. SOMETHING has to work! Thanks!!!