My September Armor sale!

Panther G $25. comes with metal barrel and Zimm. This combo was over $100

Crusader is $12. You know you want it! I think this kit qualifies for The Great Ones campaign starting in October.

You pay shipping from 98445.(West Coast) This summer shipping has been from $12.40 to $19.40 Middle of the country has been about $15. Cash or check only,


But from TopSmith with confidence, you can’t beat those prices !

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I’d be tempted by the Panzer IV, but feel the postage to the UK would probably be more than the cost of the kit!

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Are your Dragon Abrams and Tamiya Easy 8 still available? If they still are, I’m willing to buy them.
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Yes would be the answer for the win!
I will start boxing up the kits.

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