Namer based hulls?


I received today the great Meng kit, the only bad point is the old style vinyl tracks (their individual MK3 Baz should had be included) but i didn’t spend lot of time on the box.

I have a question: i thought that the Namer was base on MK3 or MK4 hulls but when checking the Meng MK3, MK4 and Namer lower hulls, none are the same (i don’t speak about the rear angle but about the low part of the sides).

Perhaps, the Namer uses a new lower hull or it is a very modifying MK3 chassis.

The Meng Namer and MK3 shows same positions of the wheels. The MK4 positions of the wheels are a bit differents for the last 2 wheels.

If some Namer uses MK4 chassis (tracks and sprocket are differents than in Meng kit) is the chassis way different of MK4 or Meng ones?

Since i have the kit, i need to build the 3 versions of the upper hull (damn i need 3 kits) but i would do one with MK4 tracks. Sadly the MK4 sprocket is not an option in the kit and the possibly differents chassis is a real problem.

Anyone has a light?

Have a nice week


Prototype was built on a Merkava 1 chassis.
A few got built on Merkava 3s.
The majority built on Merkava 4 chassis.


Yes Mike but the Meng kit is way different Vs the two MK hull.
I thinks that the kit is about a MK3 based vehicles but the chassis is really different.
I’m waiting the DEP book to see if it has more informations.