Nebelwerfer 41 German smoke unit Esci

Hi all

Im looking fore the istruktions to an old set from ESCI 5001 but are not abel to find them on the net.

I would thank fore any help finding them.


I might have the ones for the Aurora boxing of that kit. I’ll have to look.

My boxing was so bad the molds were off-center an eighth of an inch. The mold lines were mold steps. Unfortunately I tossed it and the directions.

Have you tried Scalemates? Very deep resource and typically have a link to instructions, reviews and build logs. I’d give them a shot, lots of good info, and if I remember you can do some sorting by manufacturer to speed things along.

Found them and scanned them with my phone… let’s see if I can figure out how to post them here from that source


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Thank you all fore the help :wink: