Nederlands Vesting Museum, Naarden, The Netherlands

In the Dutch city of Naarden, lies Naarden Vesting. This is a 17th century fortified town, that guarded the Eastern approaches to Amsterdam, of which the walls and moats are largely intact. This is quite unique and even more so, since the fortress is star shaped.
On one of the bastions is the Dutch Fortress Museum with a unique selection of old front loaded cannon and mortars.
I include a couple of pictures from the town itself as this gives a good impression of the impressiveness of the defences.


Erwin, thank you for posting these, looks a very nice place to visit and as per a lot of these old forts they now look very peaceful.

It is my pleasure. Despite their original purpose, these fortresses indeed are very tranquil these days. So much, that quite often rather rare species of flora and fauna can be found around them.

Very nice photos! Thank you for posting!

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Thanks, very interesting!

Google maps provides a nice image of its beautiful star shape, hard to see on ground:


Nice addition… Thanks!



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