Need assistance with a conversion

Hello out there, I’m wanting to convert Tamiya’s 1/48 2-1/2t cargo truck into a 1-1/2t M6 Bomb Service Truck, I can only seem to find the wheel base dimensions, 125" or 10.5’ what I need to know is the overall length of the vehicle, if any one out there happens to have the Tank Workshop kit and could measure it out that would be great, any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Juan.

Here is the technical manual. It might help you - page 7 on screen (page 5 of the manual) has some technical data - e.g. overall length 220 3/8 inches.

1/48 = 4.591 inches pr 116.6 mm


Petbat and Frenchy thank you both, this should more than enough to get things started. Again thank you and have a very merry Christmas. Juan.

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You are welcome. Have a Merry Christmas too.