Need help, please about british army pinzgauer

Hello, I would like to build a kit of the Pinzgauer 716 from Accurate Armour, I’m interested about the hardtop version, kit number K079. Is this version good for Telic or Herrick operations ? Any updates to make for those theaters ? Green color right or must be in sand yellow ?
Not interested at all with the kit number K081, without roof and doors.

Hi, we used pinzgauers on op telic and op herrick. The hardtop versions were usually FFR (FITTED FOR RADIO). We used both hand and soft top versions. Colour wise, on Telic they were painted sand, but most were green in Afghanistan. Hope this helps

Yes, Thank you for your answer.

where did you buy this model?

Buy Direct from Accurate Armour, very reliable company

AA Pinzgauer