Need help with tracked vehicles

Hello All,
I am trying to make the tracks on a M1A2 look right but I cannot find a paint that replicates the metal color. I need a paint that looks like metal but is not metallic if that makes any sense.
Thank You

Not seeing much metal color in this photo. They look pretty pristine. For this condition I’d paint the rubber as usual (dark gray) and the metal part seem to be the same color as the tank with a light touch of rust in some spots. Yo could use a little powdered graphite rubbed onto metal areas to show increased wear.

I really like that pic but I have spend many years working on the tracked vehicles currently used by the army and thus is an option but not the one I have in my mind. I will definitely use this if I am unable to get the look I want to get.

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If you’re looking for heavier wear, double down on the graphite and a bit more rust.

Maybe a color similar to the old Model Master Jet Exhaust will work. Since it is now discontinued along with the rest of the paint line, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

I don’t know if the OP is still looking for an answer to his question about ‘metal color’ for tracks, but if so, I can give you some thoughts. I think what you are looking for is that sort of grayish worn metal look. I’ve had a bit of success with that by using a mixture of 3 Tamiya paints in equal quantities. Try mixing light grey, dark grey and gunmetal. The gunmetal provides the ‘metallic’ component of the mixture, while the 2 greys essentially remove the ‘metal speckled’ part of the mixture, if that makes sense. I think this mix does a reasonably good job.