Need Information on HMMWV Avenger Pedestal Mount

I am looking for information on the HMMWV “Avenger” Air Defense pedestal mount. The online information states the entire HMMWV weight and dimensions, not the “Avenger” pedestal portion itself.

I need information on:

  • How much does the complete “Avenger” Pedestal with two Stinger 4-shot SHORAD pods and M3 .50cal machine gun weigh?
  • What are the dimensions of just the “Avenger” pedestal mount itself?
  • What are the HMMWV 2-door cargo bed dimensions?


From “Reference Handbook AVENGER Air Defense Weapon System” by Boeing.
Avenger turret: 2568 lb. loaded. Overall length ~ 84 in. Overall height ~ 66 in. Overall width 85 in.

Much obliged and thank you very much! :grinning:

That is exactly what I need.