Need some help with water!

Need some help with modeling water for a dio. In the past I’ve used Scenic Water but, since it’s limited to 1/8" pours and only 2-3 layers it won’t work for a dio with deeper water viewed from the side. I’ve also had issues with Scenic Water (and others) bubbling after time.

So, any recommendations regarding alternate resins or products (available in the US) hat can:

  • be pouted to a depth or 1/2" to 1" and won’t bubble
  • be tinted?



Sorry that should be “poured” !

The kind of clear resin used to make those “decorative” castings of flowers and insects popular in the 70’ies? Used as paperweights :nauseated_face:

Getting rid os pesky bubbles:

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You need clear two part epoxy resin for deep pourings :wink:
I’m sure there are localy available resins, which will do the job.

Two part clear casting resin is the answer for deep water. It can be tinted, but may darken with age. Be warned that it generates heat when curing and can damage a plastic model. Ask me how I know. Care must be taken to pour it in several thin layers and allow ample time between pours for proper curing, 24 hours at the minimum. It is self leveling so you can use the any of the other products that you mentioned, or artist’s acrylic gel to make waves or ripples. You also can suspend objects in it as you pour the layers. I used it in my Tarawa diorama.

Note that in the last photo you can see objects under the ‘water’. Hope this helps.

Thanks gents! I see that Woodland Scenics now has a “Deep Pour Water” in both clear and “murky” + water tints. Does anyone have any experience using these products?

Follow up question to the OP question. I see a lot of people recommend two part epoxy. So far all I could find was limited by manufacturer to 2" deep pours at a time. Yet there are a few youtubers doing deeper than that. With what? They don’t say.
Here’s an example…

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