Need to find a decent PRU Spitfire in 1/48

I have a hankering to do a nice Photo Recon Unit Spitfire from WWII. I prefer something that DOESN’T need a ton of resin and PE to correct the flaws. I would also like to do one from say 1940 to 1944, don’t really like the super supercharged bubble top ones. Something like a Mk IX or earlier, being a bit too picky? Thanks for any assistance. John

Oh well, going with 1/48 Ocidental Spitfire Mk IXc. John

John the only out of the box non Griffin engined PR Spitfire that I’m aware of is the AZ kit (two boxings)

If you are looking for an early PR then Airwaves did a load of conversions mainly based on the Tamiya kits.

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Thanks, I’ll live with the Ocidental Mk IXc. It’s not perfect but not bad or expen$ive either!!! LOL John

Just purchased, on the way. John