New 1/35th Vietnam era kits from Hobby Link | Armorama™

A new company out of Vietnam making Vietnam era kits and conversion.

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I’m loving that dozer! And an M163 interior!

M106 and M132 with interiors! oooh baby, bring 'em on.

Finally a D7 Cat with the Rome Plow, and of course I’m knee deep in Verlinden’s M578, still any subject from the 'Nam era is welcome from me even a road grader. I have to agree also that an M132 is much needed.

Cajun :crocodile:

Note that these are all 3D printed kits. I have an order direct from Hobby Link that should arrive today (according to FedEx tracking), and all told I paid $350 including shipping for the Rome Plow, M123A1C, M172 trailer, Aussie 15ton Trailer and M62 Wrecker conversion. From time of order to arrival - about 15 days. Hopefully the quality is as good as their Facebook page shows.

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I am interested to see how the quality is as well. I am planning on placing an order from them and waiting to see how they look “in the flesh” first.

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Demand for these kits has been a lot greater then I thought it would be. I am currently out of stock on most of them. I have restock order in and some other of his items coming in soon. If you are interested in an out of stock item drop me an email so I can hold it back for

I ordered the M106 kit yesterday from Wanamaker. I’ll let you know what it looks like once I have it in hand.

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count me in on that review of the M106 please.

Given the interest in these kits, I’ve started a new topic for first look comments about these kits.

Although not part of this VN War released group of Hobby Link kits, I purchased and examined its M60 AVLB conversion. My short review is here: Hobby Link 3D printed M60 AVLB kit first impressions.