New Academy Phantom ll in 1/32


Not sure if anything official is out yet but a new 1/32 Academy F4E has been made available for pre order at hobbyeasy. Looks to be a new tool.

Better get saving

I would never buy an Academy airplane again kit until it had been reviewed by at least a half dozen times by independent reviewers. Academy’s 1/48 Tomcat basically cured me of buying Academy products long ago.

According to Scalemates, it’s the Revell kit. We can but wait and see.


Michael is correct the ‘New’ Academy 1:32 scale F-4E is the Revell kit with some additional sprues. Possibly from the Academy’s F-16. Not a bad kit the Revell F-4E, but certainly isn’t new. First released by Revell in 1994 according to Scalemates.


Thanks for the information. I still like the look of it, a fairly weapon bomb load and some interesting markings.

I I have the Revell F4G and it’s not bad.

Regards Jason