New book: Day of the Panzer

I saw this book at Barnes and Noble the other day. Anybody read it yet? Is it worth getting?


Haven’t read it.

The reviews look good and credible that it will be a good read.

“One of the most interesting and absorbing battles histories that this reviewer has ever read . . . remarkably realistic and personal.” —History Book Club

“The excellent descriptions of infantrymen, tankers and supporting troops from the 15th’s Cannon Company using M8 self-propelled howitzers and the three inch gun armed M10s of the 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion make for good reading.” —War History Online

“…one of the most interesting and absorbing battle histories that this reviewer has ever read…remarkably realistic and personal…”
History Book Club

“…riveting…very well done and gives the reader a much broader vision of the “forgotten” Invasion of France”.

“… a gripping story of initiative and confusion (on both sides) competently told and one that shows the details of extensive research… delivers the nitty gritty…”
Russ Lockwood,

“…makes a major contribution to our understanding of American infantry in Europe.”
Michigan War Studies Review

“…clearly written, pacey and exciting whilst giving a clear account of the sequence of events, a first hand perspective and a “flow” that keeps one keen to thumb over the next page.”
Military Modelling

“Danby resurrects the forgotten campaign of World War II in this excellent popular history… a sprightly and evocative tribute to the troops of Operation Dragoon.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“…a powerful, punchy story…outs the reader in the middle of a raging battlefield populated with humans who far transcend the one dimensional paper soldiers often found in military history…”
Stone & Stone Second World War Books

“Through his well-wrought prose, Danby paints a detailed picture of deadly fighting and stunning victory.”
WWII History