New Building and Base

Ok . I am trying out some ideas with this base and building.
This is still the rough mock up of the master … I am thinking about molding and casting this.
It is very versatile.
I am curious if there is any interest in this as a resin kit


I think it looks great, very versatile!!

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Thanks Nick.
I am trying to determine if there is enough interest to mold and cast it .
The few pieces I mastered really didn’t get enough interest , for example the gun truck and the 113 bridge layer so they never went into production and are destined to be one off builds .

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Looks great. Would love to see something like this in 1/72 scale

That is a posibility

@Chris_Bryan Chris, what are the base dimensions?

If a 1/35 Panzer IV will fit, I’ll buy two.

It’s fantastic work but I’d rather see a complete non ruined house

@Dan . I thought about doing a variant that has the whole house and a straighter street.

It will fit a Panzer for sure . I will get exact dimensions tomorrow.
There are a couple small tweaks I want to do before molding it

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You wont be molding the gun truck set? :frowning:

I will totally buy one of these. Your other stuff is great!

Cool, thank you Chris.

Ezra I may do it . I have made some changes to the way things are done .

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Chris I think that looks really nice. I’m going to second what Dan said about the intact house though. There are plenty of ruins on the market but very few complete houses.

Turning a solid house into a ruin is also something that could be reasonably easily accomplished by the end user, no?

This would be almost a perfect base for my Leo, so I’d be in for one for sure assuming shipping costs don’t make it prohibitive.

Edit: Also that Citroën truck is awesome!

When I cast it . I will make sure your taken care of . I will sit my mexas on it to give you a size idea . The base may be a bit small for the Leo . We will see.

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Here are some ideas

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Dan . I really like the second pic .
Being that those are smaller dwellings they would be easy to get multiple ones im a row and still not require a huge base.

No worries. I was just eyeballing that Gothic Corner piece as well which I think may give it a little more leg room.

I have done a couple of custom mixes with buildings and bases .
If you like I can work up a custom mix to fit your Leo

@Chris_Bryan how do you make these?

It is just a mix and match combo.
There are some that just wont work.
A good example of one that did work, was the base and building for the Hellcat build .

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