New digs

It’s been a while since I have post d anything. Moved into my new house in Texas a couple weeks ago after moving from Canada. The old lady who owned the house before us was in to stain glass so part of the garage was turned into a workshop! Nicest part is she put fairly heavy duty doors on and added an air conditioner just for the shop. I’ve taken over part of it for modeling. I’ve never had a dedicated model area, usually ill use whatever workspace I can find but this usually results in packing up everything after each session whic was a pain. Needless to say I’m excited to start building in here

First order of business is to start painting some of these for upcoming campaigns and finish the archer


Envious of that workshop :+1:

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Now to fill it up with kits!

Collecting a huge stash is the first paving stone on the road to hell …
The fear of missing out on an interesting kit is a powerful enticement though …
The Temptator whispers in our ears that if that kit isn’t acquired right now it
may disappear from the market and we will never be able to get it later and
will spend every evening crying ourselves to bed because we missed it …
Come my preciousss, come sssleep in my sssstassshhh …


The feeling is amplified when you actually do miss out on a kit lol telling yourself, I can NEVER let this happen again

I have a few kits that I look at and think why the heck did I buy this?! Which usually means I panic bought


I have some that were the best (and only) on the market when I bought them
and then they became obsolete …

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It was an okay kit. A couple of annoying issues and fit problems but overall decent

Just northwest of the Houston area!

Humble used to put on a pretty good contest. I haven’t been there in years but perhaps they still do.

Thanks for the info!! I’ll take a look and see what I can dig up

I’m thinking IPMS Houston just uses different venues for their contests. They just had Modelmania last weekend in Stafford, which is just southwest of Houston.

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Damnit buddy, I hate you in the nicest way possible. That’s a real nice bench you’ve inherited.

Glad the move went well, now get building!


And then get started on the Graf Spee, USS Indianapolis and USS England I spied in the corner :smiley:

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Houston area,must be a bit more humid then Canada,also need to watch out for the occasional hurricane.
Great work shop though,enjoy.

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Much more humid! Especially compared to the part of Canada I come from. Turned into a drowned rat mowing the lawn yesterday

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The England is next up when I finish painting the KV-1, leopard and centurion! Though I’ll be building her as Underhill

Just the start of the season.

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