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Hobby Link releases new D7G Bulldozer (early version) in 1/35th scale.

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Neeed one!!!

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Some walkaround of second-hand ones…


The D7G was manufactured from 1974 up to 1986. So, this is a post-Vietnam, mid-'70s through '90s US Military dozer. Nice. Perfect for Operation Desert Storm, '90-'91.

I was looking or one when I did my M920 MET w/M870A1 trailer a few years ago as a load. Couldn’t find any at that time.

Another 1988 one :

Technical Manual (2005 edition) TM-5-2410-237-23P


When I came back stateside in 72 we had the D7F model, without the cab, but with an enclosed engine compartment. That open cab almost got me killed when a widowmaker branch came down thru the gearshift housing! I need to see if he can sell me the ripper with the earlier D7E kit as we had those in Nam too. Wayne

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I wonder where I can purchase Hobby Link kits? I saw one decades ago at Grafenwöhr Volksfest.
I would be more than happy if anyone releases a MW-24 scoop loader.

You can purchase direct from Hobby Link. Email is on their Facebook page.

I’ve ordered at least 3 times from them without major issues.

I am not on Facebook.

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No idea if anyone in Europe carries them. In the US, they are available from Wanamaker Hobbies.

Hobby Link (

Damn! They have Soviet conversion sets that are useful for GDR NVA. My poor wallet… :upside_down_face:
My new dream model…

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These are excellent kits and I recommend them highly. Here is my review of their M76 Otter:


And one more on the list…

Will look good next to my planned Luna-M (FROG-7) build.

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Du kannst mir schreiben, wenn du etwas brauchst von Hobby Link