New forum for Large Scale?

Would it not be a good idea to have a new Forum for ‘Large Scale’ - i.e. anything bigger than 1/35 so that people compensating for size deficiencies elsewhere in their lives can all have a good gossip?

Some of the Aircraft modelling forums do this as a matter of course.

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For what it matters…which is not much…I second this motion.

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We could I guess but the forum is set up to scale agnostic and focus on time periods. Folks could put in the title or tag the scale so others can scroll past.

I haven’t seen many large scale models on Armorama. Why do you think it needs a separate forum?

Not sure what to think about the “compensation” comment. Is it supposed to be funny? Your similar comment was flagged for moderator’s review a day ago.



I can’t see further division being a constructive thing. We’re more likely to get more involvement if the posts remain in a homogenous Armor/AFV forum rather than hiding them away.


Digger makes a good point. I side with his opinion!

I do not have the problem that Khouli was posting about, but I think he was joking around.

I agree. No need to move them to a separate forum.

Keep the scales together,no need to separate them

I build 1/16. it would be nice to have a large scale section

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Keep it the way it is; divided by time period and scale - blind.

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