New from MAD Modellbau, ESK Mungo

in resin,

Also, a ESK Mungo BAT (thats German shorthand for medical vehicle).


do love the Judge Dredd look of them,


Nice little truck.
But a lot of sanding work is needed with those 3d printed models because of printed lines present on all the parts.

A very unique looking vehicle that can have Post-Apocalyptic, SOF, and Sci-Fi purposes. I can see it being used as a real or fictional guntruck.

I find it interesting that the wheelbase is so small. I wonder if it has a tipping issue and it doesn’t help if the torsos and heads are above the rollcage.

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Yes, the proportions of the vehicle seem off, particularly with the small wheels.

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Do anyone have built a kit of this brand ? I wonder if the brand provides drawings for the camouflage scheme with the instructions.

There are no painting instructions included.

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Thank you.

From vehicle pictures, it will be challenging to distinguish green from brown areas of the camouflage.

However I think I will purchase one kit of this Mungo truck.

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If you try, there are numerous images of the different versions of this in use. There is also prime portal and haupt for others to serve as a painting guide.

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