New Iltis "announcements" from ACE

Saw this on another forum. ACE announces VW Iltis with Milan ATGM, VW Iltis MEDEVAC And…
DKW Munga!

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Not really “announced”, but they are on the sides of the box of their recent 1/35 Iltis release. Hopefully they will release them as well, we shall see.


I do hope they make all of these. Must haves for me.

That really is Sod’s Law isn’t it? There’s me with 3 x resin MUNGAs in the stash.

Sometimes, life really is a conspiracy against one!


I have the Y-Modelle metal Iltis as well as the built resin Munga. Looking forward to getting these in plastic.

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Coincidentally, I’ve just ordered my Iltis from Hannants (UK supplier). Should be here soon!

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I’ll wait a bit, I have more than a few on the bench, and already pre-ordered others as well (think Andy’s M8 Greyhound in 1:16th). I WILL get to the Feldjager-mobiles though, to round out my MP collection.

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To my eternal shame Jim I’ve never let the fact of models already on the bench get in the way of further acquisition - which is why my stash is so unwieldy!

As an aside, my wife has just rescued part of a resin MUNGA from the jaws of our Spaniel; she had just returned for shopping, I was dozing on our settee (gym was particularly punishing this am) and our dog was clearly bored. Amazingly, given the brittleness of the resin, and I suppose the softness of his mouth, the part was damage-free. A lucky escape, as I think it was nanoseconds away from being chewed.

The thing is, it was this thread (the MUNGA-mentioning bit) which initiated my digging it out of the stash with a view to tackling a long-planned Berlin dio.