New Korean War AHHQ 1/16 scale M4A3E8

I couldn’t find a discussion on this tank or even an announcment but it sounds like Andy has these in stock already, and they come with an infantryman…

They revised the engine deck, it includes the later T-80 track, the phone box, and the late armored exhaust deflector and some other details associated with the Korean version…


You can order the figure separately. A good deal for the price. It’s a shame Archer closed up shop, cause they could use some rank and unit patch love.

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Value Actual has some good quality resin stowage for this kit.

1/16 Allied Tank Bitst #3 - 16-ATB-03 - For Shermans ValueGear Stowage | eBay

He’s based in Arizona and his resin stowage is amazingly detailed. I used his 1/35 stowage when i built my Academy M10 GMC.

I can vouch for the quality of the resin kits he offers.


Big fan of Value Gear. I just ordered the 1/16 03 set for my Sherman, plus some 1/35 Sherman bits and Gama Goat. Don’t know if Steve does it for his eBay store but if you order direct you will find extras added. Should have my order tomorrow.


I ordered directly from him and he did drop a few resin extras (mainly ammo cans and wooden boxes with food). I really like his work. Well worth it. :+1:


+1 for Value Gear. All of my stowage except for cardboard boxes comes from Steve now.


I do not want to start a new topic, so I am digging this out.

Question: Does the kit provide an option for a late style engine deck configuration ? can anyone share the instructions of the kit? I cannot find them anywhere.

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The first version to compare.

Not well versed enough to answer the question of style.



Thanks a lot, sprue U are the optional parts. :+1: :+1: :saluting_face: