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The newest kits have received status “Available” and we are starting to ship orders to our Distributors 🚚

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Nice as always… But… PLEASE Miniart, when are you going to release the US Infantry in :umbrella: wet weather gear…?
Got at least 2 projects pending that need those babies.

What kind of project do you want infantrymen in their wet weather gear. The only time I might’ve used it was on guard duty on the base. In the field we always found it was too noisy to patrol in. The other problem was you quite often ended up just as wet wearing the gear as opposed to not. The main use I had was having the jacket packed into our mess tins so they didn’t make noise. At night noise really travels and gains you unwanted attention. So we would have either our berets on or a bush cap and our combats getting wet is just part of the deal in the infantry.

Generally rain gear would be worn by military police or other personnel that weren’t required to go out on patrols. You also don’t want stuff that can get you caught up on stuff or limits your access to your magazines. I think I only used mine once or twice during basic training after that I understood why the trained guys didn’t use it!

T-55 is interesting but with two years in country I never saw it snow in Vietnam …

NVA = Nationale Volksarmee, National People’s Army - East German Military during the German Democratic Republic (GDR - Communist) years; 1956-1990.

Well, that’s probably because this is an East German (GDR) T-55 and not placed in any Vietnam environment, see the NVA black-red-gold emblem.

Planning on a checkpoint based idea, using the poncho wearing figures as a base with tweaks. Remember pulling duties as a recruit in the glorious Irish winters and our ponchos were so bloddy old they were like sieves. :unamused:.

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