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I like the drivers

I know im probably nitpicking, but the Gasplane pouch was not carried like this after 1941, while the switch from Jackboots to shoes occured in 1943. Also the NCOs map case can not be positioned like that, since it has to be level with the belt.

Never say an item of kit was replaced as someone will add a picture to prove otherwise and show that it stayed in common use. I am waiting to see the grouser fitted tracks and if well done would be a good standalone release.

Well im preaty confident in this. From 41 onwars if the Gasplane had to be carried at all, it would be strapped to the gasmaske can. We could also argue about the fact that the soles on the boots are black. Dark brown would be more appropriate, but not jet black. Also the rifles would set this into a more late 42-43 timeframe

Editor is right, never say that such and such is the way it is. Books show photos of Germans wearing mixed uniforms, they never threw away anything still useable. Normandy and battle of France will prove that there were tropical uniforms there, plus jackboots and ankle boots used in the same squads all the time. And on a model soldier, the gas cape is easily not used. Just don’t use it.

oh yes, a 1945 surrender photo shows German vehicles being driven to a specific place to be surrendered and there was an old open topped armored car that resembled a 1930s car with radio equipment.

Well since we are striving for accuracy I have to disagree with that statement. I have been making and collecting uniforms for over 20 years. When a single piece of collection is worth more than all model kits I have, the research has to be done properly. Its a mith that that you can slap on anything you want a get away with it. In our case these are clearly clean and uniformy equipped soldiers of a fresh unit with identical kit. But I dont want to dwell on this. I love Miniart kits.