New modeling room!

A new forum and a new posting. My choice of first post is easy! I am about to set up a new modeling room in my house. I’m putting the floor in now! I’m so excited because I get to completely redesign my hobby room and naturally I want to solve as many of my current problems as possible! With a bit of light encouragement (haha) I may just blog the whole process! (smile)

I won’t spill the beans immediately on THAT long list of ‘upgrades’, but I will for sure mention things along the way.

So first off, let’s try a picture. This is approaching the new room. A much more appropriate back bedroom!


There is an entryway to the new room and already I am thinking there is enough room for a display cabinet! One thing about my old room that I came to hate was that the nice display cabinets were in the back and all the craziness happened in front of them. I want to put display cabinets right at the doorway so any visitors - and me! - can admire them and not even have to enter the ‘inner sanctum’!

Walking into the room this is the new view out the window!

Then a 180 turn shows the closet (small) but more importantly, the side window there on the left! That will be my new air brushing station and I can vent out the window. No more trips to the garage!

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To handle the job of fume extraction when using the airbrush I have procured one of these babies. Looks like a small suitcase. :slightly_smiling_face:

This unassuming box unfolds to create a small spray booth. You’ve probably seen one of these before or even own one! Action figures for scale. It is a Star Wars 3 3/4 inch figure, not one of the larger ones. The size is not huge but since I am painting miniature objects it should work out fine. The lights around the edge should help a lot!

Turn it around and we see the ‘business end’ - fan and vent tube. The tube extends to several feet but in my case I will have to shorten it in all probability!

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There are some obvious improvements you ought to include.
1.Fill that closet with stash.
2.Vinyl or wood floor, banish the “carpet monster”

Scenes from the final Battle of the carpet monster, 10/20/2020


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Too funny! The carpet battle begins!

That brings back childhood memories

I also have tile in my modeling area and parts can bounce quite a bit but it’s better than the carpet.
I also put a small towel over my lap and that does catch most parts that feel the need to be free.

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Glad someone suggested going with wood flooring, vinyl tile may be better for spilled paints or solvents, I have carpet and I couldn’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on hands and knees searching for microscopic parts that catapulted into the twilight zone, nice room BTW, I’m envious of your new “Special Place” . :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it is a laminate flooring that looks like wood. Real wood would have been nice but I have a large house and could not afford it! My wife found this and I must say it’s the best looking wood laminate I’ve seen - kudos to her! Takes a while to do it - rooms must be completely cleared!

So now the carpet monster has been banished I will just have to contend with how far pieces will bounce! I will have to watch out for paints and stuff. I don’t have to worry in the old room as the carpet there will be coming out next. I can spill anything right now lol!


Pretty good deployment, the M1909 could be farther back, to lob HE in, spread out a bit, so close together, and the CM could swallow 2 or 3 vehicles in one fell swoop.

Good stuff on the new space. We recently moved and I was able to secure a dedicated hobby room in the basement. Have just about got everything set up.


Good to have a room dedicated to modeling. I’ve got a workbench in the basement, that I may redo/expand on this winter. Might be nice to start a workbench thread here to kick things off a bit.

Ooopsie! Never underestimate an enemy! I thought it had been finally banished, but…

Send for reinforcements!


I think perhaps you maybe having fun! Way to go!

This is too cool, I didn’t know you could play with 'em, crazy!:wink:

Dangerous suggestion! At first I dismissed this as a ‘humor’ post, though yes! I did have some fun with the CM (perhaps a bit too silly for this site!). However, this I realized was a marvelous opportunity to see just what ‘The Stash’ actually looked like. So here it is. Only about half full, but dang! that’s still quite a pile of plastic…

The “Battle of the Carpet Monster” was entertaining I got a kick out of it, your floor looks great and your stash, well, you’re gonna need a bigger display case. I’d like to see a close up of your ACAV if you get a chance, I haven’t had a chance to squirt a camo scheme on any of my AFV’s, a look at yours could be inspiring🤔.
Thanks for sharing👍

Nick, I think that Takom Chieftain Mk10 is definitely faulty. If you want to send it over to me I will check it all out for you, no problems at all :innocent:.
Great work room though on a serious note.