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Master Box have announced 2 new releases they believe they will be able to get to us in the form of The Last Bridge. Kit № 2. Raider Reaper and Greco-Persian Wars Series. Peltast.

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The post-apocalyptic figure looks amazing- I will definitely get it, (You can’t really help but feel sorry for the guy with the slingshot - “well, no javelin for you, young man, here’s a bag of rocks. Good luck in the battle”.)


The newer Masterbox figures are pretty darn good, and best of all, they come with reloads for the primary and secondary weapons.

1/24 is 75mm tall, but even so, these figures can be centerpieces if painted well.

The chap described as a Peltast is actually a part of the Psiloi, the Sphendonetai, give him javelins instead of the sling and he joins the Akontistai, or a bow and arrows and he musters with the Toxotai. Psiloi were not intended to close with the enemy. Peltasts were a later development who could skirmish like the Psiloi but were also equipped to close with the enemy, either adding a long spear to their javelins or substituting spears that could be thrust or thrown and having a proper sword and a decent sized shield, either the Pelta which gave them their name or the elliptical Theuros. The role was original filled by mercenary Thracians who often added, or substituted, the fearsome Rhomphaia as their close-quarter weapon. The forthcoming
MasterBox figure 32016 is closer to a true Peltast but I’m not familiar with a source which includes a bow-and-arrow in their equipment.



“and if anyone tries to stab you, here’s a wickerwork shield” :rofl:


And a straw hat to protect your head from any blows…