New Product From Panzerwerk Design: Tiger II Tracks Kgs 73/152/800

Attempting to accurately model late/final production King Tigers can be a headache because the correct Kgs 73/152/800 links were not available from kit or aftermarket manufacturers. They either include symetrical (mirrored) tracks with their kits, produced mirrored white metal/styrene/resin links or produced sets with only right side links. It was decided late in the war that this type track link was to be fitted to Tiger II’s produced from March 1945 using only the left side links to simplify logistics. Examples of this are seen in photos of destroyed KT’s of s.Pz.Abt. 507 in the vicinity of Shierke in April 1945.

AM makers incorrectly based their respective Tiger II Kgs 73/152/800 tracks on the Bovington vehicle on which the British mounted after removing them from a Tiger II found in Haustenbeck in July 1945. Purchasing multiple aftermarket link sets in order to obtain two correct track runs can put a sizable dent in your wallet and you still end up with an extra pair of unusable oddball runs.

Well, not anymore! I discussed this situation with Przemeslaw Wojdas, proprietor of Panzerwerk Design in early January. So, what does he do? He hits the proverbial home run and produces a brand new, correct set of left-side Kgs 73/152/800 links! The new set, 35-PW046, is 3D printed to his usual high standard in blue-gray resin. The set contains 220 links and 440 pins. The links are highly detailed and require no adjustments for proper fit.

A little-known detail which is overlooked by kit and AM manufacturers is that the inner guide horns for all tracks designed for the Tiger II were 10mm shorter than the outer. The reason for this was to allow the guide horn to clear the rear of the drive sprocket’s surface. Przemeslaw captured this perfectly.

The track links are compatible with all 18 tooth late sprockets available for the Tiger II with no fit issues.No CA is required to assemble the track; the two-part pins lock securely into each link with a perceptible click.

So, long story short, I highly recommend this set.