New RFM Pz IV. RFM have cocked up the instructions

If anyone has this on order:

RFM have put Ausf.J on the sole colour camo illustration.
Page 7 asks the builder to go to pages 19 & 20 to build the engine from parts on sprue L.
Sprue L is from the interior kit an I suspect that pages 19 & 20 should have the missing colour illustrations for the other two marking options.
The sprue map is correct however.


Sounds like RFM needs a new proof reader for the instruction sheets.

Yes and its not the first time either…

What’s your impressions of building the kit?

Maybe RFM wants that terrible Dragon/DML lile reputation for poor instructions and sees it as a badge of honor.

I have just tried assembling the 98 individual links per side, thrown them in the bin and ordered some metal ones…

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I did a small run of six RFM Pz IV links and would certainly do the same. I like individual link tracks. Have done many sets without issue but indy link plus two track pins - no thanks.

Thanks can you tell me if these are the correct tracks:

Because the RFM ones have holes in the guide horns.

Those should be right for a Pz IV H.

If you want the ice cleat pattern with hollow guide teeth these should work for a late H or J


Thanks Friul have stopped supply shops and only sell direct so I was thinking of these:

But it just looks like a metal version of the plastic with the kit.
So I may dig the plastic ones out of the bin and see how I get on.

Also of course I don’t know what the other two marking options look like so they may not have had the hollow guide horns IRL.

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Wow! When did Fruil start that? R Model and Sector 35 will probably cripple Fruils business going direct only. I got sort of fed up with Fruil after the last two sets were nasty to clean up. Ordered a set of R Model & Sector 35 but they haven’t arrived yet. Some Sector 35’s come assembled except for the last couple of links. Should make fitting easy add a link or two as needed… So there are more white metal players on the scene.

Those Master Club links look sweet!

I have a set of Master Club T-55 links, very nice etc. Not sure MC’s little resin pins will hold up long term- no experience here.

Regarding guide horns, Krupp seemed to favor hollow guide horns from what I recall. Of course pictures only way to really know

I use Master Club tracks extensively, especially their T55 track and have had no problems with them. I find the metal tracks are a bit crisper then Fruil. The tiny pins are a bit fiddly but they give you plenty of extras. I find them to be considerable less expensive then Fruils as well. Had to buy a set of Fruils for a BMP build and none of the holes were drilled. Still working on them and have broken numerous bits in the process.

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Have a look at the Friul home page:
I am going to re-start the kit tracks tomorrow as I have been on the go since 4AM this morning and I am getting tired.
Without knowing what the other 2 marking options look like I see no point in ordering metal tracks before I know if they are open or closed guide horns.
As for Friul QC I agree they have been getting lax.
I could go “of piste” and get some AM decals if RFM don’t get thier act together.
According to my references and research there was less than 1000 Ausf.H made without factory zimmerit so I would have to be picky on what I was trying to replicate.
As you say Krupp favoured open guide horns at least I have something already that is correct even if it is a PITA to assemble them.

MasterClub has a nice set of those:

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Very nice.
I will order them if it goes completely pear shaped.
A bonus is if I have all the side skirts on I do not have to worry about realistic sag and only make enough to “disappear” behind them.

I wil put mine on an uneven surface (beams on a flat car) so they have to articulate…
To allign the holes in the links, I used the very sharp points of a stainless pair of tweezers. If you don’t do that, it is nearly impossible to asslemble them. And there are 2 types of pins, like the real ones…

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Did a set of R Model Pz IV track with open horn…individual pins…very sweet. Flawless construction…assembly in 1 hour. Plenty of leftover links and pins for spares.

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That’s light years better than spending six hours cleaning up a set of Fruils like on the last set I put together.

As RFM make quite a few mistakes in their instructions could someone please confirm that the tracks should be 98 links per side?